Style Profile: Magda Wittig

What keeps me interested in fashion and keeps me (admittedly somewhat obsessively) paying attention to how people dress is just how differently they do it. I find it’s the varied way in which people have decided to adorn their bodies in fabric incredibly engaging. Basic as it sounds, everyone is different and clothing is an expression of that. There’s a reason no one wants to show up at prom in the same dress as some other girl. Vanity is only part of it. There’s an implication in such a social SNAFU that indicates that the individuals with the matching outfits just aren’t as individual as they thought they were.

Clearly my style is only one tiny snippet of a vast array of potential ways of dressing. Everyone puts at least a little bit of thought into getting dressed in the mornings. But the way my mind works when I’m putting together an outfit clearly isn’t the same as someone else’s. So I wanted to hear about the ways in which other people think about how they’re going to present themselves. In an effort to explore this a bit further I decided to ask people about it. In this case, Magda Wittig, one of the dopest and strongest chicks I know. Girl plays rugby and puts outfits together in a way that conveys so much of her personality. So I figured there would be no one better to be my inaugural style profile. I’ve taken enough pictures of myself prancing around in booty shorts. It’s time to give someone else a turn.

LK: How would you define your style?

MW: Well I thought you’d ask me that. I dunno, funky? Whimsical? Quirky? Bohemian? I think that in a way it perfectly conforms to a patriarchal ideal of femininity, but in, I hope, a kind of ironic way. I like frills and pretty stuff, short skirts, high heels, lipstick, but I always know I am doing it for me to add a little bit of whimsy to my life.

LK: What goes through your mind when you’re getting dressed in the morning?

MW: Well I like to add at least one weird thing to make a little punch. I feel like that’s something I try to consistently do with every outfit. Every outfit is like a little snapshot of, like, one Magda. Ya know? People are all so varied and different and we’re always changing. Every five years you’re a different person, you know, so it’s like every day it’s like that’s how I’m feeling. I always try to have one thing in there that makes it not too hoochy, not too girly, not too fuck-you, not too anything. I dunno. Keep it funky.

LK: Do you think being a feminist competes with your love of fashion?

MW: I like being a lady. Girls are hot and why shouldn’t it be something that’s celebrated? I don’t think that it’s derogatory to show off your body. I never have. I don’t think it degrades women to show off their body unless they’re doing it in a way that they don’t want to. I wear short stuff, I show my boobs off. I do have boobs. They’re gonna be there, people are gonna see ‘em no matter what. So I dress to show shit off sometimes cause why the fuck not?

LK: Amen.

I like clothes. Maybe they’re a little bit vain. But my outfits are like cigarettes or a sports addiction for some people. Every day I need a little bit of ‘Ah’ what’s in my closet? What outfit can I put together? This will look funky with this. It’s definitely a…ritual.

LK: Is there anyone whose style you particularly admire? Your style icon, if you will.

MW: Have you ever seen Fredrico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita?

LK: …No

MW: Well there are these two women. One is this Marilyn Monroe type woman who is just like, blonde and just like fuckin’ bodacious. And the other is like this really classy, mysterious, dark-featured catwoman, ya know? And I love how it’s like these two sides to women almost. And they’re so cliché and so horrible and Fellini is at times a horrible misogynist, but at least the costumes in the movie are to die for. I don’t know what celebrities wear but I know movies that I love and costumes that are so whimsical and fabulous and fascinating and stuff.


EPSON scanner image

LK: So what other movies inspire you?


Marie Antionette. Oh my god I just died, it was just too perfect. Like Moulin Rouge. Just crazy costumes are my shit. I think it’s important to be a little whimsical with what you’re wearing and take a bit of a cue from absurd stuff you love. Fashion is something creative but it’s very tangible, and it’s very…there. And everyone sees it.


LK: So what argument do you think you’re making with what you’re wearing? Style is conveying a message to people, and what argument do you think you’re making with what you wear?

MW: I try to make my outfit not-standard. Like I try to make it weird. I don’t think I’m super cookie-cutter, I don’t want my clothes to be super cookie-cutter.

LK: So is that the message you think you’re sending to other people?

MW: I think my clothes are more a constant reminder to myself not to take shit so seriously. I’m pretty driven, and I like to think I have most of my shit together and stuff. I want to accomplish things. Super type A sometimes and I need to remind myself to take a breath. Things are meant to be enjoyed and I think clothes can be a fun, goofy way to remind yourself to have a bit more fun sometimes.

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One thought on “Style Profile: Magda Wittig

  1. I dig the pattern combination in the fourth photo. Never seen Fellini’s work before, but I’m in a course on him this semester, so I’ll report back to you on the costumes.

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