Style Profile: Ximena Santiago

Rather than talk about myself all the time, I figured I’d sit down with another one of my friends and talk about clothes. It’s clearly not that difficult. This time around I sat down with the lovely Ximena Santiago. She’s a fellow fashionista as well as a photography enthusiast, and girl clearly knows her labels.

LK: How would you describe your style?

XS: The first word that comes to mind: minimalistic. Very simple. I don’t wear a lot of colors but at the same time I do wear a lot of textures and kind of girly things some times. I base a lot of what I wear off of classics. Black and white…a lot of black and white. I read a lot and I try to stay on top of trends and things but I see things and see how it works in my closet. But if I see a bright colored trend I don’t necessarily identify with that cause it’s not something that appeals to me. At the same time I still really respect that and I can see the philosophy behind it. I embrace a lot of styles but my style I feel is very definitive.

LK: Do you ever want to break from your usual aesthetic?

XS: Sometimes I do wish I like loved green. But I just don’t. I just don’t love green.

LK: Who would you say are your style icons?

XS: Well lately I really like Alexa Chung cause she’s she’s just so cool in everything she wears and she’s someone similar to Leandra Medine ( which is something I’m aspiring to be, like no-fucks-given. And really knowing what you like and believing in that. I’m a semi-repeller. I’ve taken the quiz. (

Oh and Olivia Palermo. So beautiful. She can wear anything. I wish I could do that. She can wear like blazers and more masculine things and make it look so…feminine.

LK: What would you say generally goes through your mind when you’re getting dressed in the morning? Just walk me through that mental process.

XS: Well first I stare. I visualize things too. I look in my closet and I visualize things in my head and usually they end up looking a lot different on my body than they do in my head. So, my roommate, can attest to this, that I change about ten times in the morning. And then I think wow I should maybe look out the window and see what the weather is. Cause the other day I wore short when it was 60 degrees out and I was really cold.

But if I want to wear a dress I build off of that, sometimes pants and a shirt and I build off of that. And I usually try and layer things, so there’s a lot of experimenting in my day.

LK: What argument do you think you’re making with the way you dress?

XS: Well, first I still really believe in the fashion industry even though it’s really criticized. And I think that we’re taught that if a girl or a woman is showing off too much of her body then bad things can happen. But in my mind, a woman’s body isn’t harmful. It isn’t dangerous. If you do stupid things then you’re choosing to do stupid things. And I don’t think that telling women to be more conservative with what they wear is necessarily the message you want to be sending. So that’s one message, like I don’t care if my shorts are really short honestly. Cause I’m comfortable in it and it doesn’t mean anything except that I’m trying to be an individual.

And also just like liking clothes and liking the fashion industry isn’t all about the glamour and air kissing and stuff. And it’s not a bimbo thing. Behind every designer there’s like a big team. And it’s not a shallow thing. And is it wrong that I like to try on a bunch of different things? I can’t go around naked.

LK: So is that how you’d respond to people who criticize the fashion industry?

XS: Yeah. I respect people who take a more passive stance and don’t wish to participate, but I always go back to the cerulean blue speech that Meryl Streep gives in The Devil Wears Prada. ( Every decision you make is still subconsciously revolves around what is fashionable.


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