That Whole Lack of Updates Thing

So as far as this semester goes, I have a bit more on my plate. On the bright side, I’m interning at a publication called Campus Circle doing exactly what I love to do: write about fashion. On the down side, it gives me a lot less time to blog. It also doesn’t help that a lot of my ideas have been going into my work for them, so fodder for blog topics has been somewhat lacking. That being said, here’s an article I wrote for them. It’s a bit less heady and philosophical than some other posts, but I had fun writing it. This has been giving me the opportunity to tackle my goals in a much more structured format (and taught me how to write more quickly, cause my posts always take forever to write).

I’m going to try and get some new things going, and work on a few more articles once I figure out how to better manage my time. I know, I know, were all too busy for our own good and we just all need to learn to suck it up and prioritize. It’s human and it’s frustrating.

Regardless, here’s the link and I’ll try to have some new stuff soon!


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