More Fashion Month Faves: Deep Cuts Edition

Fashion month may be over (pour one out) but that doesn’t mean my coverage is gonna end. Here are a few more shows that are getting me excited about getting dressed again.


This guy is 19. Like he can barely buy a lottery ticket and he’s showing at Paris Fashion Week. So we can all feel bad about our freshman-in-college selves and all the time I spent drinking and not winning LVMH awards. He can only barely drink in his native Canada and he counts Opening Ceremony among his stockiest.

And it’s easy to see why—age aside, this collection is also just dope. There’s an ineffable cool-factor to the lookbook—each model looking like that person you see every day at the artistic coffeeshop but know would never talk to because there’s just no way in hell they’d ever be your friend. His eye for shapes is impeccable. The collection is visually cohesive without having the common thread of a color palette—it’s in the details the line the eye draws taking in each garment, that inexplicable quality that makes each ensemble deeply work, and fit into the overall ethos of what he’s doing.

In other words I can’t wait to see what future collections will bring us.


But really in the current fashion landscape, this collection felt to me like a li

The rest of fashion seems to be fixated on referencing exclusively fashion our grandmothers can remember—while Jacquemus opted instead to let a quaint Provencal aesthetic guide his way. It’s interesting how this now feels almost whimsical. Most collections of this cycle have made me want to be a cooler, edgier me—integrating the clothes into the life I live (only perhaps cooler). I don’t know how this collection works in my life, but I want it to.

Simon Jacquemus’s childhood in the South of France is on full display here. Really, looking at this collection makes me want to spend a day out in the sun picking berries, come home and have a delicious spread of wine and cheese. So like live my best life. So I guess you could say it’s inspirational.


If Jacquemus made me long for Provence and all the indulgent delectables therein, then Off-White made me want to be a badass working girl in 2016 and all the indulgences that come with it. The striped blue tops that opened the show had just the right level of Patrick Bateman—evocative of the wealth and excesses of the 80’s, but not enough to be cartoonish (or make you want to listen to Huey Lewis and the News).

This is a collection for 2016. It is a collection that screams out to be photographed—’I am the epitome of street style’ it calls. And it is. The hats are placed with a perfect amount of nonchalance—the kind of use that most people love to see, but never end up instinctually pulling off themselves. But that’s what a brand like this does. We see what Virgil Abloh gravitates towards and just try and do the same.


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