So Ya Had a Bad Day

I’m not gonna lie, this morning was pretty rough. The sky was gloomy, and it looked like the day would be as close to chilly as is possible in Southern California. The night before during my typical 3 am insomnia-induced Buffy session, my laptop managed to crash onto the ground. So, this morning, when my sleep-deprived self wanted to listen to some uplifting music, my lovely little Macbook was unresponsive. So, essentially, this day started out as the definition of a fuck-this-day and I wanted to go back to bed before I had even gotten in the shower. Lovely.

The point of this story was not to engender the sympathy of my fair readers, but to contemplate the outfit choices made in the wake of apparent tragedy. Part of me wanted to go the route of sweatpants. When was the last time you had an exceptionally great day in your old high school gym attire? Cause I kind of doubt it. Squirrel suit days are the days you just skate through. Since sleep was such a large factor in my morning struggle, I figured dressing like I was in bed would make the-curling-up-into-a-little-ball I so longed for far easier. Sometimes you just want to dress for sympathy, showing the world your despondency with your choice of attire. People need know that they are supposed to feel sorry for you God dammit!

With that in mind, I reached into my incredibly disorganized closet for my yoga pants and my hand touched denim. Intrigued by the unexpected material, I investigated further. And what I pulled out made the overcast sky and cooler temperatures seem like a sign from God. It was pants weather. And in my hands were pants. Amazing pants. They were a recent acquisition from a second hand store that reaffirmed my belief that anything with vertical stripes is undeniably fun. They were totally unique, but not so outrageous as to feel like a costume, they made a statement. They were not pants that would allow me to simply slide through the day, unnoticed in my languor. I didn’t feel quite like myself, but those pants were so me I figured I might as well fake it till I make it. But I took the lack of sunshine in LA as a sign that the universe wanted me in those jeans.

The day that followed was not my best. There was a quiz I didn’t know about in Chinese and a near death experience involving my phone and a toilet. But this day did teach me that it’s really hard to mope when you’re wearing really cool pants. A compliment can help break up the weary expression that accompanies a lack of sleep and the fear that your clumsiness  cost you 2000 dollars. People smiled when they saw what I was wearing, which just made me smile back. It reminded me that feeling like you look good can make up for a lot of the shit life throws at you. Dressing like you’re brooding just keeps you in that mindset. I’m not saying that a great outfit heals all wounds, but sometimes it can serve as a really cool-looking Band-Aid. And if you aren’t feeling confident in yourself, at least you can feel confident in your pants.

Tank Top: Silence+Noise, Pants: Genetic Denim, Sweater: Thrifted, Boots: Urban Outfitters

PhotoCred Calli Obern!!!